Technology & Applied Sciences

Paulo H. Leocadio

I am an Electronics and Computer Sciences Engineer + Researcher + Entrepreneur + Investor + Software Architect.

My passion for technology and expertise at your service

My extensive experience designing solutions, solving problems and managing projects can help your objectives to be met.

Somethings about me

My passion goes beyond technology and applied sciences. I love to collect, and I collect a myriad of things: from action figures to coins, from musical instruments to LPs and CDs.


Problem Solver, Solutions Builder

After gratuating in Electronic Engineering and Computer Sciences, Paulo Leocadio completed his Masters in International Business and Marketing Excellence, and developed Post-Graduate work in Microelectronics, Big Data and Data Sciences. During 20+ years of his career he worked for Microsoft Corp, developing a successfull career as Architectural Consultant for the Advanced Technology Group and Director for the Support Engineering Organization.

Paulo was awarded multiple times during his tenure with Microsoft, receiving the CSS Outstanding Team Award – Field Enablement (2015), the CSS Outstanding Team Award – Daylight Savings Time Solution (2015), Microsoft Americas MVP Award (2010), Microsoft Gold Star Award (2009), Microsoft Gold Star Award (2007), Microsoft Gold Star Award (2003), Microsoft Circle of Excellence, Platinum Club (2001) and Top Consulting Practice in Customer Satisfaction (1999).

During travels to different countries, Paulo had the opportunity to deliver speeches, workshops, lectures and special trainings on Software Development Methodologies and Application of New and Upcoming Technologies. During this period, he accumulated great experience with the Public Sector and the Banking Industry.


Solving problems with technology & applied sciences

With over 30 years of experience in IT Professional Services (Consulting Services and Customer Support), Paulo developed his career in multi-country, multi-cultural environments, leading large cross-geography organizations, designing business solutions and leading complex projects. With solid academic background, Paulo applies design thinking and the scientific method to solve problems and build solutions, delivering world class results.

Big Data Architect

Data Sciences, Analytics, Data-driven Decision

With Post-graduate work with UC San Diego and John Hopkins University, Paulo has developed comprehensive knowledge on the design of business and Smart Cities solutions leveraging Big Data vision, strategies and technologies, focusing on the business problem or process, technology independent.

Smart Cities Expert

Internet of Things, Big Data, Digital Town

Engaged with and in partnership relationship with different professionals and organizations to implement Smart City Initiatives in different municipalities in the world. Developed in depth expertise on designing Smart City visions, components and architecture, including Big Data strategy.


Technology and Applied Sciences

After accumulating a long experience delivering public speeches and lectures as College Professor, Certified Trainer, Public Speaker and Lecturer, Paulo has travelled throughout the world talking about software development and IT deployment methodologies, new technologies and applied science trends.


Angel Investor, Board Member/Advisor, Activist

Always looking for new ideas to invest on, specially on new technologies and applied sciences, bio-tech, technology for wellness and fitness and Cloud technologies, Paulo manages his own ``Angel Investor`` fund, including advisory role, activiist role or financial support.

I welcome new opportunities

You can e-mail me anytime, I am open to engage on any opportunity phase.

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