Long Term Technical Fee Details and Options

Long term engagements (typically longer than 3 months and over 35 hours per week) where Engineering, Architectural, Design or Project Management skills are required. These engagements are closed via contracts or services agreements (SOW, LoI, LoU are viable options), with invoices and tax forms always provided

Design, Scope and Concept

Business, technical, operational and conceptual requirements for building a solution and formatting a project

Planning and Specification

Functional specification, project plan library and schedules

Testing and Quality Assurance

Building, documenting and executing tests and probes, quality assurance

Project Management

Long term project management, management of project module deliverable, project milestone and schedule management, project correction of error, critical path fine tuning, application and/or adoption of different project management, solutions design and IT operations frameworks

Engineering and Architecture

Design, project and specification of information technology and computer sciences solutions

IT Services Management

IT Services Management operations, support, help desk, customer services