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Paulo H. Leocadio

I am an Electronics and Computer Sciences Engineer + Researcher + Entrepreneur + Investor + Software Architect.

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My experience designing solutions, solving business problems and managing projects can help you meet your objectives.

Somethings about me

My passion goes beyond technology and applied sciences. I love literature, history, bio-sciences and physics.

Leadership & Management

Technology and Professional Services

Summary of accomplishments during my 20 year tenure with Microsoft:
As DIRECTOR | LATIN AMERICA TECHNICAL SUPPORT (Fort Lauderdale, FL 2011 – 2015), responsible for the Latin American operations of the IT Support Organization. Oversaw 7 subsidiaries, including country-level offices with 200 service delivery professionals. Managed operations budget and P&L. Lead Strategic Planning and Development of new businesses.
As PREMIER SUPPORT LINE OF BUSINESS LEAD | LATIN AMERICA (Fort Lauderdale, FL 2005 – 2011), responsible for Microsoft Top Tier Enterprise (Premier) Support Business, leading budget and P&L, including revenue and sales quota with enterprise and government customers.

▪ Implementation of new IT Services Management operations
▪ Redesign of the IT Services Management organization and delivery model
▪ Lead IT strategy, IT budget and P&L
▪ Drove Spectrum divisions divestiture to Energizer, leading business applications and infrastructure regional separation efforts
▪ Adoption of Cloud Technologies for the region, enabling all users with Microsoft O365 stack
▪ Lead the regional strategy, collaborating with the lines of business, head of a multi country team
▪ Developed strategies to drive adoption of Microsoft products leveraging the support organization relationship with the customers
▪ Drove client issue and incident resolution for the commercial (enterprise) customer base in the Latin America region, overachieving customer satisfaction rate goals (top performing region on scorecard metrics)
▪ Implemented awarded multi country organization dedicated to bringing the voice of the customer to improve their experience with Microsoft technologies
▪ Delivered services and managed relationship with mid and large sized companies, government branches and partners
▪ Directly managed relationship and escalations with key customers, acting as a link to Sales and Support regional stakeholders
▪ Grew support business 40% in delivery margin through operational restructuring in collaboration with sales and marketing
▪ Managed the outsourcing vendor replacement project for the Latin America Region. A workforce of 200 technical support Engineers was provided by different vendors in the region, with the object of increasing efficiency and quality, we created a vendor consolidation project when we selected, vetted and migrated what represented 60% of the in-language services
After gaining experience delivering public speeches and lectures as College Professor, Certified Trainer, Public Speaker and Lecturer, Paulo has travelled throughout the world talking about software development and IT deployment methodologies, new technologies and applied science trends.

Co-workers' testimonies

Feedback and testimonies from people I have collaborated with

“Paulo Leocadio is a dynamic, inspirational leader in the IT industry. He is able to harness his passion for technology into noteworthy customer service deliverables. By gaining the respect of those around him, either peers, directs or his management team he can contribute to large, complex efforts which may seem insurmountable. I have watched as his skills in areas like operational excellence have improved through careful study by Paulo and am certain that he can succeed in any number of challenging roles.”
Shawn Aebi
WW General Manager
(425) 273-6768

“ I have known Paulo Leocadio since 2005, Paulo worked directly for me managing our Premier Business in Latin America always exceeding our business expectations, driving the business, Building a team that produce results not only from the financial perspective but also from the customer and employee satisfaction. Paulo’ strategic and analytic thinking is outstanding, his commitment to the team, customer and company are second to none and he is a extremely valuable asset for Microsoft, It is a pleasure and an honor to be part of the same team and share all the success across the years”
Francisco Aguilera
Americas General Manager
(954) 205-4304

“The last 2 ½ years your support and guidance were absolutely critical to our success in the region. I can’t thank you enough for embracing me as the CPE lead for the region and for opening the doors to the CSS (Customer Services & Support) organization.
The amount of changes we were able to do to improve our customer’s experience was huge and you and your team helped us build a bridge between both Sales, Marketing and Services (SMSG) and CSS organizations. I learned so much and I respect even more the work you and your team does.
No question that working as a team helped create a synergy that allowed us to innovate and develop programs and deliverables to help our selling teams be more agile and manage better customer’s expectations for our cloud services. I will keep in touch and will share feedback as I will be closer to the customers and partners.”
Carmen Gonzalez
Regional Director, Customer and Partner Experience

``Paulo is a winner in work and in life. He always think big and has an impressive ability of looking beyond the ordinary, day to day goals. Extremely sharp, he is capable of take and process huge amounts of both strategic and technical information to use them on the areas he has control over, which makes him an executive with great talent to work on challenging environments.
Being a rare example of passion and dedication, Paulo is also very straight forward, transparent and authentic, He’s always willing to express his thoughts and impressions in a direct and candid way, which makes working with him an experience at the same time challenging, pleasurable and an immense learning opportunity.
An unique professional, and a fantastic human being.``
Silvio Pavarino
Regional Director, PFE

``Love it!!! thanks Paulo. Your enthusiasm is contagious!!``
Erin Jacobsen
Premier Field Engineering Manager, US
Phone: 650.693.1348

``Paulo has been key contributor to the growth of Office 365 in Education for LATAM, he and his team have always been willing to support the business and meet our needs in order to be more efficient, Paulo is very approachable, open and flexible to accommodate whatever request we might have in order to align to our business priorities. His high customer service approach and his willingness to help have always been part of how Paulo works, even when Education is mostly a share play Paulo has always provided same type of support than for commercial business this talks highly about his sense of commitment to the business.
I have the pleasure of knowing Paulo for more than 15 years and in all this time he has been an extraordinary teammate, responsible and willing to listen to the ideas or contributions from others in order to optimize and continue to grow the business.``
Anayansi Rosas Molina
Office 365 Education Area Mktg Lead
+1 954. 727.1059

``· Over the last few years the Office 365 business in LATAM jumped from a few million dollars business to a solid $190M business in FY14, and growing to nearly $350M in FY15.
· Key to this success was the evolution of the LATAM O365 support organization. The organization has been a key customer- and field-focused partner participating in ROBs, being proactive with many innovative Field Enablement programs, driving special attention to key geographies (e.g. Brazil) and being very well connected to the SMSG segments.
· As we move forward to a cloud first, mobile first organization with a heavy focus on drive customer consumption of what we sell, I see the support organization contribution as a super important player to the success of the O365 business, building on the strong foundation developed over the last 2-3 years.``
Guilherme Pita
LATAM O365 Marketing Lead

Academic Background

Solving problems with technology & applied sciences

With over 30 years of experience in IT Professional Services (Consulting Services and Customer Support), Paulo developed his career in multi-country, multi-cultural environments, leading large cross-geography organizations, designing business solutions and leading complex projects. With solid academic background, Paulo applies design thinking and the scientific method to solve problems and build solutions, delivering world class results.




Fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish

Market Certificates: MSF Master Trainer | MOF Master Trainer | MCSE and MCSE+I | CNE and CNA | CompTIA CTT+ | Foundations Certificate in IT Services Management (ITIL) | CIW Security Engineer | CIW TCP/IP Network Engineer | CIW Web Administration

Researches, Articles and Publications:
- ``A Cross-Cultural Puzzle``, Strayer University Scholar Magazine (Mar 1, 2013)
- ``MSF Process Model v. 3.1``, Microsoft Corporation (Jun 2002)
- ``MSF Risk Discipline v1.1``, Microsoft Corporation (Jun 2002)
- ``MSF Team Model v3.1``, Microsoft Corporation (Jun 2002)
- ``Microsoft Operations Framework 3.0``, Microsoft Corporation (Sep 1, 2001)
- ``Yugoslavian Republics of Servia, Croatia and Bosna-Hezegovina: One People, One Anthropological Puzzle (Mackenzie University Magazine, 1993)

Big Data Architect

Data Sciences, Analytics, Data-driven Decision

With Post-graduate work with UC San Diego and John Hopkins University, Paulo has developed comprehensive knowledge on the design of business and Smart Cities solutions leveraging Big Data vision, strategies and technologies, focusing on the business problem or process, technology independent.

Showcase project: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Smart City Project, 2016

Project descriptionIstanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) holds a very important place in local administration organization of Istanbul. Its area of responsibility encompasses the entire provincial territory, has 28 municipal enterprises, 2 subsidiary public utility corporations (Transport, Water & Sanitation) and 43,500 employees in total. It is responsible for wide variety of areas including environment, natural-gas supply, energy, infrastructure, planning and development, IT, transportation, community services and vocational education, health-wellness, food & catering, culture, tourism etc.
Istanbul, opening gate of Turkey to the world, has ambitions to be a technology hub of Turkey. With the vision of the leading and sustainable city along with high quality of life by patronizing its unique heritage, Istanbul is pioneering city of Turkey in which research and development, innovation and technological production is intensively supported and invested and also has high potential of users. In this regard, IMM has decided to establish Smart City Istanbul Living Lab to increase innovative ideas and pave the way for its flourishing in Istanbul. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is committed to facilitate life of its people by its investments, for this reason, Smart City Istanbul Living Lab aims at enhancing innovative products and services in Istanbul, increasing the living standards and meeting the needs of users and many sectors such as industry, services, finance, tourism, health and etc.
Creating a smart city requires highly skilled people with innovative and creative thinking. In order to reveal innovative and creative thinking, an open platform where users and developers come together to develop innovative products and services facilitating life of people and contributing to being smart city is necessary. In this regards, Smart City Istanbul Living Lab fulfills this expectation in Istanbul and aims to extending living labs in Turkey by serving as a model.

Consultant & Engineer

Problem Solver, Solutions Builder

After gratuating in Electronic Engineering and Computer Sciences, Paulo Leocadio completed his Masters in International Business and Marketing Excellence, and developed Post-Graduate work in Microelectronics, Big Data and Data Sciences. During 20+ years of his career he worked for Microsoft Corp, developing a successfull career as Architectural Consultant for the Advanced Technology Group and Director for the Support Engineering Organization.

Showcase Projects:
▪ Integrated Microsoft Exchange with a proprietary legacy mainframe-based e-mail system and migrated users for the largest commercial Bank in Brazil (Banco Itaú)
▪ Lead the development of the complete agency branch and back office solution for the largest (government owned) bank in Brazil (Banco do Brasil)
▪ Lead the development of the new Bank branch solution for the largest commercial Bank in Brazil (Banco Itaú), migrating from then legacy 16 bit to MS Win32 architecture applying full MSF framework (pre-agile)
▪ Designed and implemented messaging backbone solution, integrating the largest retail in Brazil (Pão de Açúcar) different messaging solutions (Lotus Notes, cc:Mail, X.400, SMTP) through Microsoft Exchange Server 4.0 and subsequently migrating all users to Microsoft Exchange Server
▪ Designed and implemented the country-wide Liberty Mutual network architecture in Brazil and subsequently deployed full Microsoft based platform
▪ Co-developer, tester and evangelizer of Microsoft Solutions Framework (internal Microsoft development framework, precursor to Agile)
▪ Co-developer, tester and evangelizer of Microsoft Operations Framework (Microsoft instantiation of ITIL)

Paulo was awarded multiple times during his tenure with Microsoft, receiving the CSS Outstanding Team Award – Field Enablement (2015), the CSS Outstanding Team Award – Daylight Savings Time Solution (2015), Microsoft Americas MVP Award (2010), Microsoft Gold Star Award (2009), Microsoft Gold Star Award (2007), Microsoft Gold Star Award (2003), Microsoft Circle of Excellence, Platinum Club (2001) and Top Consulting Practice in Customer Satisfaction (1999).

During travels to different countries, Paulo had the opportunity to deliver speeches, workshops, lectures and special trainings on Software Development Methodologies and Application of New and Upcoming Technologies. During this period, he accumulated great experience with the Public Sector and the Banking Industry.

Entrepreneur & Investor

Angel Investor, Board Member/Advisor, Activist

Always looking for new ideas to invest on, specially on new technologies and applied sciences, bio-tech, technology for wellness and fitness and Cloud technologies, Paulo manages his own ``Angel Investor`` fund, including advisory role, activiist role or financial support.

. Lead Microsoft/Andersen Consulting (currently Accenture) joint venture start up in Brazil, responsible for building Avanade's staff and develop business pipeline
. Started up OneCloud LLC, IP and Services company offering operations management framework for Cloud-based environment
. Started up SculpIT Fitness LLC, technology company dedicated to developing technologies and offering solutions for wealth and fitness professionals
. Investment porfolio includes:
POWERHANDZ: Empowering athletes and patients in the world to train with purpose
WhiteClouds: On-Demand 3D Fabrication: the world's largest color 3D printing facility
70MillionJobs: First Job Board to 70 Million Americans With Criminal Records

I welcome new opportunities

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